Arches + Joshua

We far surpassed the 688 mile straight shot drive between SLC and LA, nearly doubling the miles to visit a handful of majestic National Parks along the way. This winter road trip ran the gambit of weather conditions from the snow covered mountains of Utah, to the desolate deserts of southern California, both offering vistas of quiet life. Driving west, we took full advantage of the late sunrises, and early sunsets, basking in the gentle winter light as it danced across the rocks and native plants.

Nature never disappoints with its attention to detail in the organic functionality of its designs. We work to mimic these genius moments in nature, filtering them through our eyes, minds and hands to create artful pieces that effortlessly communicate with these natural wonders. The Hackamore represents exactly this, how our past influences our present. There is no doubt that previous travels and tactile experiences have been refined down to the aesthetic essentials that define this hat.