Our hats are unique expressions of an exploration in technique and material. Each hat takes hours of crafted labor to shape, refine and detail, resulting in heirloom quality pieces.

With respect for traditional techniques, we push and challenge these notions, seeking a fresh voice within a developed craft. Our brand is defined by this process coupled with our commitment to hand finishing each hat, with an attention to detail and embellishment giving each hat an individual reality.

There is weight in what we do, both literally and figuratively, weight is a driving force in each creation. From our tools to our materials, and from the concept to intentions, there is substance that is quantifiable in pounds and tactility.

We source materials that are locally made by family owned and operated businesses, supporting a community that shares a passion and appreciation for hats. The foundation of each hat is military-grade felt, that is exposed to a cycle of applying billowing steam, followed by irons that hiss with heat, weaving the natural fibers tighter, giving rigidity to the form. Some felts are pounced to a smooth finish and others are brushed, retaining a looser, furry texture. Then we shape the crowns by hand or with the aid of solid wood blocks that unify each hat, as they have done for decades. Roan leathers sweatbands wrap the interior, embossed with our gold-foil seal. 

We are a handcrafted hat company based in Los Angeles, CA. We take pride in both or products and the materials we source locally. We seek creative design solutions that compliment the classic elements of proper hats.